Newbie stuck with yahoo headers

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04-05-2007 19:21:50

HELP - I am working with a new trader to submit for a manual credit. They are using yahoo. She is having a hard time getting her full headers. I sent her this link and she says it is supposed to be by a print view button. I have hotmail and am unfamiliar with yahoo. Can someone please post some info to me me and her. I would greatly appreciate it!

I sent her this link and it was no help.


04-05-2007 19:26:00

If she is using Yahoo Beta, if she clicks on the message it will appear in the frame at the bottom of the screen. In the corner will be the words "compact header" - if she clicks on that it will bring up a drop-down box. Then she should click "Full Header" - and it opens a new window with the header, but not the message. She needs to copy and paste them separately.

Was that a clear explanation?


04-05-2007 19:36:12

pretty simple.. i use yahoo as well.. regular yahoo.. right at the bottom of the e-mail she's lookin at it has a "full header" button to click.. i have had to use it a few times roll wink than she just has to cut and paste the entire thing and put in a credit request



04-05-2007 19:47:25

You guys are so fast - thanks with the info!


04-05-2007 20:00:31

anytime ;).. figgered i could help ya with this since i couldnt with laptops YGF a while ago.. doubt ya remember tho )