A newbie learing the ropes the hard way

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04-05-2007 14:17:32

Hi Everyone D
I just wanted to introduce myself and maybe spread a little wisdom newbie to newbie. Please read the fine print on any offer before you hit the accept button regardless of what the initial offer was they tend to change as you get to the check out. I have only been doing this for 2 days (love it by the way!!) but i accepted an offer that i thought was for a free trial for 30 days after i completed my transaction and received my confirmation email i found out that it was a non refundable $60 fee. also still have not received the instant 1/2 credit for it lol. Anyway a hard lesson learned and if i have prevented that from happening to another newbie than it was a lesson well learned. D

Cheers and thank you to all of you that sent me a welcomming pm it was greatly appreciated D



04-05-2007 14:31:12

Very good point. Always read the terms and conditions which can always be found on an offer before you actually sign up. Not always, but usually, this can be found at the bottom of the first page you visit. Sometimes it is in a different location or a different page, but you should always be able to find it before you put in credit card info or actually sign up. These terms and conditions are a must read! It could save you from a lot of headaches and money lost down the road. Plus they show you how to cancel if you sign up and decide later that it is not for you. I ALWAYS print these.


06-05-2007 10:49:44

Sorry to hear about your hard lesson. Glad it hasn't scared you away. Nice of you to point this out to all of the the other newbies. Gave you a karma point for your attitude. Good luck with trading. D


06-05-2007 12:01:21

wow!! ty so much for the karma point!! i just wanted to try and share a little with other newbies... this is so very overwhelming and when your trying to green fast for ppl you tend to not pay attention to the fine print. also you could spend weeks in here just reading the newbie rules and tips it gets very confusing at times lol
But it just amazes me to see so many very patient and actually caring ppl in here i have yet to come accross a nasty trader (knock on wood) everyone has some great advice and some nice tips and threads they guide me with
thanks again to everyone!


06-05-2007 12:54:23

Before you hit the submit button after entering your credit card info, the offer should tell you what you're going to be charged. You shouldn't have to read the terms and conditions to know what you'll be charged. You may have to read the fine print under the submit button, though.

If you see an offer that does not tell you what they will charge your credit card, FIRST don't do the offer and second, let the freebie site owner know so they can look into it. None of the freebie sites want anyone getting tricked into extra charges.


06-05-2007 13:03:20

And some sites automatically enroll you in another offer. When I joined "Simply You"(which, BTW, I love and use a lot!), I was automatically enrolled in "Saving Smart". It's all written in the fine print, so there's no excuse for having missed it. It is, however, VERY FINE PRINT[/sizea019d8a2e6], so read every word written on the page!! It's good your bad experience hasn't turned you off because with a little patience, sharp reading eyes, and meticulous record-keeping, this freebie thing is awesome!! Good Luck!! D


06-05-2007 16:53:36

i know that there was something somewhere that told me it was nonrefundable... being new and trying to green as fast as i could created my own mistakes i just wanted other newbies to maybe not make my mistake -)
it was a lesson learned the hard way


06-05-2007 17:11:18

[quoteb4140b8eb9="dependable"]i know that there was something somewhere that told me it was nonrefundable... being new and trying to green as fast as i could created my own mistakes i just wanted other newbies to maybe not make my mistake -)
it was a lesson learned the hard way[/quoteb4140b8eb9]

Always read the TOS i learned the hard way once well kind of but fixed it o


06-05-2007 19:59:28

Also just a tip. After you read the tos on the site and before you do an offer, leave the site. Clear your cookies again, and using the link provided by your trading partner go back in and then do the offer.


07-05-2007 03:55:33

thank you for the great tips guys!! everyone so far has been great in sharing thier experiences with me and i am sure other newbies. just shows what a great community i joined!! kudo's to everyone


07-05-2007 04:36:36

You are very right dependable, the TOS are important to read carefully, and things do tend to change as you complete each page; not all offers are sneaky in that way, but there are some to watch out for.

Very good tip Gator! And a big howdy to ya!

I have found that while searching around for the offer(s) I am interested in, that once I have made my choice, I make a copy of the TOS, by right clicking, click select all, and right click copy, then paste to my notepad and save to my documents file in order for me to have easy access to it...and one nice thing about that, is the font size can be changed so that the fine print becomes much larger[/sizef4d63d9b38] shock , it really helps! You can do all the scouting around that you want to, and then clear your cookies and files, and complete the offer you have chosen. Make sure that if you are doing more than one offer that you clear C/F prior to completing each one.

Hope you do have a great experience here! Many traders are helpful and most are honest. Glad to have you aboard! D

Margot wink


07-05-2007 17:06:15

ty margot i am learning and listening every little bit along the way helps in big ways!! -)