time zone question

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04-05-2007 13:59:21


I am having problems getting the time on the forum to the same time as I am in....lol if that made sense. I live in Central Standard Time and I thought that was GMT -6, so that's what I set it at. Is this correct?

I am asking because I posted a bump on the trading post and thought it was well over the 24 hour mark cuz the last post I made on that thread was 316 and my clock (on my computer) said it was 350. After I posted the bump, I checked the message and it was dated and timed at 250. Yikes!

Any ideas? Sorry, I'm not real good with the time zone thing.



04-05-2007 14:04:37

You're right, it is GMT-6. However the forum's time was never changed at Daylight savings, so it's off by an hour. If you look at the Topic page, you can double check time by the last poster on the far right. Or on the index page where it lists all the different sections, it has the time just below the big red box.


04-05-2007 14:05:04

Mine is also an hour off. I think it has to do with daylight savings time.


04-05-2007 14:37:38

Standard time for Central is GMT-6. Daylight time is GMT-5, so set it to this.


04-05-2007 17:26:21

[quote2af9581408="jonohull"]Standard time for Central is GMT-6. Daylight time is GMT-5, so set it to this.[/quote2af9581408]

Okay, kewl, thanks! )