Video Professor Not Crediting?

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Big War Bird

04-05-2007 09:43:35

Has anyone gotten credit from Video Professor lately? One of my referral didn't get credit and VP said that they had to buy the program at 79.95 to get credit.

Has anyone else run into this?


04-05-2007 09:59:19

I did that offer on 3/12 on shoes.ordergiftsfree...still no credit. I never bought the program because when I recieved my CD's it turned out I already knew more than I thought on the one I chose. I wasn't very pleased with the program, and was only required to send back one CD. The customer service was really good, just didn't care much for the service itself. Don't know about if you have to purchase the whole thing to get credit, but if that were the case, clearly it should be stated somewhere.. shrug

Big War Bird

04-05-2007 10:09:46

That's the very same site my referral signed up on (


04-05-2007 14:44:33

It's been having some crediting problems ....... it's still crediting for most users tho (on my site that is)


04-05-2007 19:46:36

heh.. video professor AGAIN.. yeah i just posted about this earlier this evening.... check THIS out.. i did that offer as a ref for someone and i did EVERYTHING right.. did it to get the credit out of the way cuz it was a 2 credit site and it was a full credit.. wellllllll.. as i got to the page where i put all my info in and hit the confirm button.. guess what?????... i got sent to an "error page"... so im like well SHIT... and what do you think i just HAPPEN to find in my bulk e-mail and on my statemnet.. a confirmation e-mail AND a charge!!!.. needless to say i wasnt particularly too happy with this.. nedless to say i never got credit and STILL got charged.. time to send it back... got RMA and everything.. sent back a few days before the end of march.. post office said it would be back to them on the first of april.. all 3 cd's for full refund.. guess what times 2.. no refund yet as of may 4th.. video professor SUX in my humble opinion.. just my 2 cents about them.. altho i HAVE had some refs GET credit for the offer believe it or not.. but my own personal experience i cant really say anything good about them



05-05-2007 19:29:53

ugh! i NEVER GOT CREDIT for video proffesor!
i did everythin right too...
but they dint give me credit ..
i tried manual credit...but thy dint budge stil...
i waited til forever!
they dint charge me anythin much tho cz i canceled my subscription right iv bn hearing stuff like this...


17-05-2007 20:49:33

I completed the offer for Video Professor April 22nd. I requested manual credit May 1st. Put in a support ticket (twice). Still waiting for credit. It still shows request was sent to affiliate. I did this offer on yourgiftsfree.
Very frustrating!!!

edited to add response received today from YGF
They have not responded to us as of yet. We will contact them again. Once they respond you will be notified ASAP."


18-05-2007 07:45:23

Lol, maybe video professor should do a program on the complexities of getting credit with his offers.


18-05-2007 18:49:32

My video professor was on ordercash4free on 3/9. Put in the manual credit and I'm still waiting. There's no other offers that I can do for ordercash4free so I'm just stuck.

Also one of my few very rare referrals did video professor a couple of days ago and it didn't credit for her. It would be interesting for a site owner to come here and say if their crediting percentage is truly down or if we are just the exception to the rule.


19-05-2007 02:42:26

Never had a problem with it, that's a really great offer to try out


19-05-2007 18:42:27

Sheesh, wish I would have seen this thread BEFORE I did the Video Professor offer!!



19-05-2007 21:58:01

I did this offer back on 3/04 when I was a noob, and guess what? It STILL hasn't credited (I pretty much gave up on it now)


20-05-2007 05:02:50

Yeah, I kinda figured after reading this thread that I wouldn't be seeing any credit. Seems a bit fraudulent to me that they won't give credit, esp. since on all the offer pages, it says if ya' try the trial, you get a credit. Kinda makes me mad, cause it caused me not to go green for somebody and wasted my $6.95, which could have been used for something else.

I think I'll just be marking the package as refused and send it back. If they can't give me the credit for signing up, then I sure don't feel obligated to try his product.



21-05-2007 21:41:07

I did Video Professor early last month and it credited fine. It was the trial they offered that gave me credit, not at $79.95.


22-05-2007 03:50:35

i did the offer on may 6 ... ticket sent to affiliate and guess what.. still waiting... i also consider this to be fraud . we sign up for these offers in good faith ( i actually like my cd's i got from them) then we dont get credit and on some sites we have to wait at least 3 weeks before submitting a ticket .. in the mean time the ppl you have done the trade with are getting impatient and want you to sign up for other offers on the sites just so you go green quickly... seems to me that we "greeners" are getting the short end of the stick here... i am at the point of not doing any more greens for anyone until i clear out my list and get them all finalized... i have had no problems with getting the missing credits submitted to the affiliates but thats another 2 weeks of waiting and not knowing if you will even receive the credit..... i think these sites should take some responsibility when thier offers are not crediting... if it says "instant" than thats what it should be and if it doesnt than you should be able to report a ticket within 1 day and if they feel its credible enough to send on to the affiliate than they should credit your account and they can do the waiting..... Where is their good faith in all of this?

dependable -)


22-05-2007 08:14:43

Did this offer last night and GUESS WHAT...

Instant credit 8)


22-05-2007 08:40:57

Took me 3 weeks to get credit!


22-05-2007 18:02:28

I think I'll just be marking the package as refused and send it back. If they can't give me the credit for signing up, then I sure don't feel obligated to try his product.


Bad idea. If you read the TOS for some of these offers you won't necessarily get credit for the return if you mark it as refused. Just accept that your credit will take some time and give the CDs a fair evaluation.


22-05-2007 20:16:50

please tell me this is not from OFG........... my video professor from OFG did not credit, please let me know what happens to yours Big war bird


27-05-2007 19:08:24

How long is the video professor trial offer again. 7 days or a month?


27-05-2007 19:13:05

I think it's 10 days, but I'm not sure.



27-05-2007 19:28:26

[quoteb84ab0a37a="jcasebmw"]How long is the video professor trial offer again. 7 days or a month?[/quoteb84ab0a37a]

If you call them they will extend the trial. I ordered my trial April 22nd and they extended my trial period until June 1st. And yes I am still waiting to be credited for doing the offer.


27-05-2007 19:30:36

It took me a LOG time to get credit, but I did get it after submitting a manual request.


27-05-2007 19:39:12

getting credit is tuff for video professor... Dont do it!!!


27-05-2007 20:14:30

I got credit for it within a day D I just wanted to know how long I had to try out the cd.


27-05-2007 20:36:29

I think I was one of the lucky ones when doing Video Professor. It had credited rather quickly when I completed it on a Trainn site...but that was almost a year ago.


28-05-2007 20:46:03

Video Professor DENIED my manual credit. Those dorks.