Just a Few Questions...

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03-05-2007 17:27:24

Hey, I just have a few questions, seeing I just kinda got into this stuff today.

I signed up with freeipods.com and I just got my credit from the offer. That brings me to the first question.

I chose the Blockbuster offer...is there any way I can cancel it before I have to start paying and still get the iPod?

Also, for my second question, is there any way I can get anything else out of freeipods.com?

And what's trading? Is it referral for referral basically or what? And where can I find a way to get referrals (I have friends, but not many that would go for this)?

Thanks in advance for your help. It's hugely appreciated.

I'm one of those fans of...free stuff. Free nice stuff, anyway.


03-05-2007 18:22:57

You really should signup for offers that interest you. Some offers provide great services. If the offer is for a trial membership try it out for a few days. If you don't like it then you can cancel it. Don't ever signup for an offer then cancel it an hour later. You'll be asking for problems.[/color4d55be8af4]

What else were you looking for from freeipods.com? I believe that site only offers several different ipods as the gift.

Usually trade means a green 4 green trade. But some people trade other things for a green referral. Most of the referral trading here and on other forums are referrals for paypal cash.


03-05-2007 18:40:09

We don't discuss offer cancellations on the forums here. As the prior poster mentioned, you should sign up for offers you're interested in and give them an honest try. Canceling before even receiving a product is a definite no-no. You'll note, if you paid attention to the TOS, that public discussion of cancellation will result in DQ. This industry would not exist if the offer sponsors did not get decent leads to their advertisers and at least make a couple bucks. The emphasis shouldn't be so much on getting "free" stuff (because it really isn't free) but on "greatly reduced cost" stuff while you get to try out some interesting products & services.

Unless you have a very large pool of willing friends & family, you'll get the most reliable referrals through trading with established members. Some users try posting to MySpace or other high-traffic websites and have mixed results -- sometimes good, sometimes not. However the ratio of bad refs to good is usually pretty high, whereas with trading at forums like FiPG and A4F, each person tends to know better what they're doing and how to follow the rules to avoid disqualification.


03-05-2007 18:49:40

Thanks for the heads up on the cancellation deal. I was just wondering.

Heck, it's Blockbuster, I have one practically right down the street.

What does "green" mean exactly?


03-05-2007 19:07:27

What does "green" mean exactly?[/quotee9dcd659b1]

Green is when the offer(s) has credited through the site you did it on. Most sites will show a green bar or green checkmark, etc, thus the term "going green".

If you have done an offer but it has not yet credited, it falls under the "offer complete" listing in the trade module.

There is a great tutorial on the trade module page that goes into a lot more detail about these terms.



04-05-2007 07:11:54

The best way to learn is to read and read and read and read and read until your eyes go blurry!
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04-05-2007 07:19:45

and always ask questions! Most of us like to help new people get started!


05-05-2007 09:38:39

[quotebe6a406d1a]And what's trading? Is it referral for referral basically or what? And where can I find a way to get referrals (I have friends, but not many that would go for this)?[/quotebe6a406d1a] Trading can mean any trade ie trade green for green. site for site. or even cash for green.


05-05-2007 16:58:53

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05-05-2007 17:24:45

Not sure if it was mentioned, but freepay( the company of freeipods.com) gives you only 90 days to complete your site. Plus the waiting time for your gift can be months. I suggest you read the Terms of Service of each freebie site and offer you sign up for.


05-05-2007 18:18:34

yeah i suggest that u not do another freepay site after freeipods.
also, for the future, never sign up for a site without getting paid as a referral, unless u get a free green from the site owner to sign up.