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03-05-2007 07:55:43

I just finished a trade and have wrote to a mod but have not gotten a response, so I thought I would try here. When we finished the trade I requested TR, but he accidentally picked request deletion. Now he says he can't see the trade to correct it. Does anyone know how to fix this?


03-05-2007 08:09:45

Tell him to click on "Show Hidden Trades" and see if it is there


03-05-2007 09:59:02

Hi there,

Was your trade partner able to find the trade as Denise suggested?

If not, did you get the tr request in prior to his deleting it?

You may find your answer in one of the guides, I believe I remember reading about that somewhere, and not at all helpful, as I don't know where.

A Mod might be able to restore it, if it is still in the system, or give you the go ahead to set up the trade again, and re-do it. Unless you find someone who has had this happen to them, your best bet it to wait for a mod to get back to recommendation would be Tholek. He's great.

Good luck with it, and please post the outcome here so we will know what will happen also...wish I could be more helpful (

Margot wink


03-05-2007 12:45:16

thanks for the info, you guys. I PM'd my trader and told him to look in hidden trades. It is still listed in my TM, so hopefully he will find it. I will keep you posted.


03-05-2007 12:52:16

# Request Deletion Deletes the record permanently. Both parties have to select this option to permanently delete the record. When one side sets their status to “Request Deletion” the trade is automatically set to “hidden”. Once the other party selects "Request Deletion" the trade will be removed from both of your modules.

li Note A trade may be deleted by just one party's "Request Deletion" in the following cases the other party is banned, or the trade is not yet confirmed.


03-05-2007 16:53:40

AH! Thank you very much. That clears it up. Still no response from my trader, but I will paste this into a PM to him. Thanks again!


04-05-2007 10:55:38

Update He found it in the hidden trades and fixed it. Thank you all for your help!