Hi Newbie here!

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03-05-2007 07:42:22

Ok, I have read through the rules, FAQ, guidelines, etc.... My question is about committing fraud by signing up for a site more than once. This is the first time I've ever been on or heard of a forum like this but I have signed up on some sites through pop ups and e-mails. I am also a member of fusioncash and a few other sites and have done some offers on those sites. However, I do not remember all the sites and offers I have signed up for because I did not keep a record of them. So does this mean I will be committing fraud and go grey if I accidently sign up for sites or offers I have previously done somewhere else?
I don't want to make anyone mad or cause anyone problems by going grey on them.
Any help would be much appreciated!
Thanks D


03-05-2007 07:50:16

you should be able to recognise the site through the layout.

and i think most promos and emails sent are from sites like freepay...


03-05-2007 08:05:37

Usually - but not always - when you put in your email address the site will tell you if it's a duplicate order. But like condra said, you should be able to recognize offers you've tried before.

I hope this helps. Feel free to PM me if you need clarification or have other questions - I'm always glad to help whenever I can D


03-05-2007 09:23:33

That's what I was thinking -- if you use the same email address as you have in the past, then the site usually will say that address has been used or that you are already a member.

If you truely can't remember, then email support for the site and ask them if you have done their site yet. They'll most likely ask for your name and can check and see.



03-05-2007 11:14:57

I've had the same email address for years so hopefully when I enter it the site will tell me if I've already entered or not. There are some I'm sure I will recognize when I go to them but not all of them. I honestly can't remember all the names of the sites I have visited, I never kept a log but that is something I will do this time because now I know better. D
A lot of what I did was surveys so who knows it may not even apply here.
Thanks for the help


03-05-2007 11:37:23

Some you will remember some you will not, happened to me, but you just need to be careful.


04-05-2007 06:27:54

In this business, keeping track of your sites is crucial, especially to avoid fraud. angie30 has good advice email the sites and ask. If you have, record it. Get down as much information as you can. This way you will have a record to fall back on. Many sites are appreciative if you ask them if you had already signed up. They have enough problems with the scammers who sign up multiple times, and on purpose.