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02-05-2007 10:42:07

Should I be clearing my cookies every time I visit my freebie sites? Or just when I'm doing offers?


02-05-2007 10:44:27

If you clean the cookies even though you want to just check your status, you'll have to login again and again. It's up to you, and your memory. If you think that if you don't get in the habit of clearing your cache/cookies, that you might do an offer without doing it, than maybe you [i57c79b4a2d]should[/i57c79b4a2d] get in the habit of it. shrug


02-05-2007 19:53:25


Tho', my go to guy wink , has the right of it. I know your sharp, and have the cookie thing down by now, and clearing them just to check your status on the referrals is a waste of time...Unless your sooooooo bored like you were today,LOL

Margot D


03-05-2007 06:35:49

LOL - thanks Margot - it's amazing what I do when I'm bored - like clicking "Check Mail" 10 times in a row - LOL


03-05-2007 06:49:07

I only do it when doing offers.


04-05-2007 06:41:44

If you clear your cookies before each time you visit your sites, or only when doing trades, this is totally up to you. both methods are fine, but keep in mind that if you have set your browser up to accept all cookies, you may get some you did not ask for.

a better method is to actively monitor your cookies, and clear them regularly IN ADDITION to clearing them before visiting your sites. It may seem a little tedious, but having a virus-free computer in the long run, especially when your browser is set at its lowest security setting, makes doing it this way worth it.

sandra habina

11-05-2007 12:01:12

good information - thankyou all and thanks for asking it Melissa