Referrals or points?

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02-05-2007 09:47:48

I noticed some sites you can do either referrals or points...which is better?

Thanks! 8)


02-05-2007 11:55:28

Really depends on your taste, if you don't wanna deal with looking for refs then go for points but you don't make as much, while with refs there's a whole bunch of money you can make for getting the right amount.


02-05-2007 18:39:39

I prefer the ref sites myself... i am not very familiar with the points based sites such as giftmonkey.. they seem popular with a lot of traders... i looked at giftmonkey a few times but it didnt suit me too well... i would rather work ref sites myself i enjoy the thrill of finding referrals and watching them green D.. if the question was not of the giftmonkey deal i would assume you mean a DIY site.. in my opinion i care less about them than i do a giftmonkey.. just for the simple fact i aint too crazy about completing offers ;).. the payouts arent usually as big either.. but as gmario said its a matter of taste... the DIY sites i can see the less hassle there finding refs and hoping they dont go red when you put in for approval.. but i enjoy findin refs as i said and working with them and helping them thru the process and watching them become more conifident in trading.. as i said.. it all depends on what yer lookin to do basically )



02-05-2007 19:12:59

The problem with doing points sites is that you have to do all of the offers yourself (obviously), which will soon make you out of reasonable offers that you can do.

With referrals, you only have to do one (or sometimes two) offers, then find referrals, who do their own offers. This works better if you plan on doing this for any length of time, especially here where there is a system set up to make it easier to find referrals.

But ultimately, it's your choice.


02-05-2007 19:41:06

thanks for the feedback everyone


02-05-2007 19:52:10

Karma?????? lol