What ref site's best to get a macbook/Macbook pro?

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30-04-2007 15:54:20

Lotsa new sites, haven't been trading in a while, but am looking for a network with the macbook or the macbook pro that's POSSIBLE. Obviously OC with its craptacular non-crediting itchy DQ finger OOD bullshit is out, and it's really hard to convince people to do 3 offers for Free4me, and I have been waiting a year for Gratis to pay out for the PS3, so screw them... and while I am in no way slamming them, i've had nothing but unresolved crediting issues with YourGiftsFree.com

anyone else?


30-04-2007 19:29:04

Well, there is a site, called MacBook.GetStuff4Free.org, and has MacBooks AND MacBook Pro's, but it is a 2 credit site. He pays out relative quickly, and I'm assuming it's the same with the actual prizes.

I would probably just recommend you to a OrderGiftsFree site, and do a custom order though...