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30-04-2007 14:59:45

Hello this is Sreeji and i'm excited to earn money


30-04-2007 15:17:54

Hello, and Welcome to the forum!

The best advice I can give you is to read and re read all the guidelines and help topics, as there is a lot of great information for you to put to good use.

Start with easy sites, with lower pay to build your TR, and your confidence; work with a helpful established trader to make your experience a good one. You can also trade green for green, which is a good way to build your TR. But remember that one or both of you need to have a TR of 4 or higher to get credit for the trade.

And never feel silly asking questions! I am always willing to help new people, and no trade is required to get help from me...I just love to see new people succeed!

I have some threads in this help forum that you might also find useful.

Good luck to you; this system really works D

Margot wink


30-04-2007 15:43:56

hi sreeji ).. margot has given good advice to you.. i have just sent you a PM with an offer for a very easy site if yer interested.. all the rules and stickys can get a lil overwhelming i know shock they were for me when i started a couple of months ago.. even if ya dont want to do the offer i sent you ya can always ask for advice and such from me or any of the others here who have been here a lil while.. we all started out somewhere and had other established ppl help us out.. so just have some fun and happy trading )



30-04-2007 16:03:33

Margot gives good advice (as always). Take it slow and trust your instincts and ask ask ask if you have any questions.

A Hart

01-05-2007 09:37:45

I am working on a site that you can either do a bunch of offers yourself for your prize or you can choose to get refs. Which I thought was pretty cool. It's really easy. PM me if you are interested.

My advice is if someone is hounding you to do an offer. Or hounds you to complete the offer once they have set up the trade, be careful. I have already been taken twice. So NO MORE! If someone is over-eager for you to hurry up, just stop and think about it first. And remember people will say anything behind the veil of their keyboards. I actually had one person give me a big sob story about they needed to get their prize because they were working their way through med school. Sounded like an urgent need so I did it and never heard from them again.
Look in the off topic forum for some proven traders.


01-05-2007 16:41:22

Welcome to FIPG!

Margot summed it up best - be sure to read everything and you'll be fine. Be sure to work with a trader that is honest and willing to help you. Also beware of those you send you unsolicited PM's. Most of all keep in contact with those you are trading with - they can help you if you just let them.

Hope this helps and just ask if you have any questions.

$25 for each site on green



04-05-2007 07:05:34

Welcom to the site!

Margo530's advice goes a long way to a happy trading experience. NEVER be shy to ask questions about the entire trading process. There will always be someone who can answer your questions. Just remember to state your comments and questions in a clear, precise manner. try not to use shortcuts or jargon; not everyone knows them, and since you are asking questions which relate to you making money or getting free stuff, it would behoove you to be as precise and exact as possible in what you are asking. If your comments are written clearly, and your questions leave no doubt to what you are asking, they will be answered more swiftly.

If you haven't already done so, you may want to go through the threads here in this forum. Many of your questions may have already been answered before. It doesn't mean that you can't ask those questions yourself; far from it. All it means is that you have at least researched it first. If the answers don't quite fit your situation, then by all means ask. Someone will be able to give you the answer that is understandable, and appropriate, to your situation.