Can't set up trade

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29-04-2007 06:40:05

Is anyone else having problems initiating a trade. I have tried several times and it keeps giving me an error message


29-04-2007 09:55:31

Try clearing your cookies or something.


29-04-2007 10:33:26

Thanks, I'll give it a try. D


29-04-2007 11:37:03

I know yesterday I was having problems with PMing. When I tried to send, it gave me an error message, but the PM was sent anyway.

Also, the Trading Post and some other topics were down for a while. So it may be tied into that. I haven't actually tried to initiate a trade today.........



29-04-2007 11:45:12

I am able to set up trade now. Still don't know what was wrong or how it got fixed... Just happy it is working now.