I can't create a TR after a trade... what is going on?

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28-04-2007 16:42:38

Hi-- Can someone tell me why I can't give feedback to a trader. After I choose the option, it automatically gives the trader 'No feedback given.' I'm killing myself not having this.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.


28-04-2007 16:50:15

There are other threads on this as lots of people are having that problem. Some people change their IE security settings to medium, and some people download and install Firefox as their browser (which you should do anyways IMO). Try reading the other threads on this same topic - I'm sure there are more in-depth answers there. )


28-04-2007 17:00:53

Thanks a lot! Do you happen to know off hand the link to the same issue?


28-04-2007 17:15:06