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Bryan R

28-04-2007 06:11:35

I have someone signed up under me on gift monkey. My status page shows him signed up but no offers completed. Gift monkey says that he has not completed any offers. He has told me that he has completed Blockbuster online and has a confirmation email from Blockbuster. He sent this confirmation email to me and to gift monkey and gift monkey is still saying that he has not completed any offers.

Bryan R


28-04-2007 06:30:18

GiftMonkey doesn't run the offers, they do it through different advertisers. They can't give credit to anybody until they receive credit from their advertiser. You should edit your post because it's saying that they're scamming you/you're ref, which they are absolutley not doing. If it doesn't credit within a certain period(usually around 7-14 day but I don't know about GM) he can file a manual credit request and it should credit if he did everything correctly. There is no need to make a thread or even PM a mod/admin about a non-credited offer.


28-04-2007 08:16:36

Moving to Help section...


28-04-2007 08:23:59

did he include full headers in his credit request?
Submitting credit ticket

How Do I Find my FULL Headers in my confirmation emails?

No one will have a flawless offer crediting record, so I feel it is warranted to supply everyone with the information on HOW TO get the full confirmation emails with headers which are required to apply for "Manual Credit" on any/all freebie sites when problems occur.

Many people don't realize they are not seeing full headers when they are looking at an email. The basic header information with date, subject, to, from, is not the full header.

Use the Information Provided HERE to view the FULL HEADERS


After your headers are viewable, copy and paste them, and paste that in your manual credit ticket you are creating on the freebie site.

Most sites have a specific manual credit ticket system, for these purposes


28-04-2007 12:20:09

$5,500 paid from them enough said 8)


28-04-2007 16:28:04

It's possible he did offer without using your link by mistake, or any other mistake. Best now maybe to wait for it to credit within certain time, or send missing credit ticket after required time.