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27-04-2007 19:08:53

I have only sign up and greened on five sites but I am afraid to do anymore. I don't want to agree to a trade and come to find out that their is no offer that I want to sign up for. I want to complete more sites but after looking through all of the offers on the offer page for most sites I don't see any offers that I am truly interested in ( I have seen 2 or 3 that I might like to try, but I am not sure). My question is, should I just stop signing up for people and complete my sites that I have already started ( This would be hard because I have a low TR rating ) or should I try to expand my horizons and sign up for offers that I am a little less sure about ( I don't want to offer fraud tho ).

Any help would be appreciated D.


27-04-2007 22:01:52

The easiest answer would be to PM the person you might trade with and ask him/her to send you either a link or a PM containing the offers. Some sites let you see the offers when you first look without signing up, but some sites don't and you would need to get them via PM.

Also, if you ever check out a freebie site for whatever reason make absolutely sure you clear your cookies before you return via somebody's trading link or it might not work.


28-04-2007 16:37:51

Yeah, I always ask for a list of offers before committing to a trade. And if I'm the "payer", I send a list via PM to make sure the other trader can do the offers on that site. That way I don't have people agreeing to a trade then backing out because it turns out there are none they can do. It's just an added layer of security all around. I've had a bunch of people who wanted to trade, then when they saw the list of offers realized it wouldn't work for them. I have no problem with this, that's just the way it goes sometimes, and I've saved the hassle of setting up a trade that would fail in the long run.


29-04-2007 07:19:42

I have done a log of every offer I have done. That way I know for certain what I have and have not done.


29-04-2007 08:19:54

Hi there,

I believe that the reason the offers are trials, is so you can actually see if the product would be something you would benefit from. Now of course if you weigh 100 lbs, your not going to want to take a trial for a weight loss product, but then perhaps someone else you know or in your family might. Or the stop smoking patches, as another example; you may not smoke but mabe a friend or family member is struggling with trying to quit. wink

There is a site that has approximately 300 offers....lots to choose from; it's called git-r-free, you may want to check that one out, I know a few people that are trading on that one. Also, I have found that often I will return to the offers page of a site I've had for awhile, and new offers get added nearly weekly. Not all sites do that, but many. So also make sure your lists that you have is kept updated.

Margot D


30-04-2007 07:10:53

Wow! Great information all the way around. Thanks everyone.
Oddly enough, I was just having a little trouble getting offers to credit to my account. I didn't know about clearing my cookies if I visited a site to look at it before doing a trade with someone on that same site. I will definitely remember to do that.

And Margot530, thanks for the advice on the offers and the info about the git-r-free site. I'll check that out.


30-04-2007 08:13:04

You are very welcome! I also have a help topic posted about possible reason your not getting credited. Would be happy to help you with that if you need assistance.

If you like, I'd also be happy to give you the steps to follow to get your cookies and temp files deleted properly via pm if you me though, as I may not see this thread

Margot D