Are PO Box addresses allowed?!?

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27-04-2007 18:18:04

Does anyone know if I can use a PO Box address to sign up for freebie sites? My cc statement and all the rest of my mail goes to the PO Box, and I'm afraid of going red on offers if my cc declines because of the address conflict. Would it create a world of problems if I try to sign up with the PO Box and they don't allow it?


27-04-2007 18:20:26

I'm not 100% sure about all freebie sites, but I know some do not allow PO boxes. Your best bet would be to read the sites TOS. It should be stated there. )


27-04-2007 18:45:55

Thanks for the pointer! Here's hoping...


27-04-2007 21:59:19

I have to say that 99% of the sites will NOT let you use a PO box as your primary address. The offers may vary although many also don't let you, but the actual freebie sites will never let you.

The problem is that people can have multiple PO boxes and therefore multiple addresses scamming the freebie sites and the sponsors.

As for your credit card - you should know right away if it worked or not. Most (not all) sites will authorize the credit card right away and receive immediate feedback as for the address checking. If you can see the authorization at your credit card web site then this passed.

My advice would be to get another credit card / paypal card / prepaid debit, whatever that uses your physical address and use that for the freebie offers. That's the only way I know that would make you consistently safe from problems.


28-04-2007 05:22:06

Even if you go for payouts, sometimes sites are setup to disallow addresses that their product vendors can't deliver to. (They, using carriers other than USPS)

Then again, most have other reasons too.


28-04-2007 08:28:54

I used a P.O. box when I first started out. The first site I did was Yourgiftsfree and they will put you on hold when you go to cash out so you dont know till then. I went on hold with them and Im still to this day trying to have the hold removed. I just sent a fax of my drivers licence to them. So the answere is no dont use a It will give you headaches