Has anyone had any luck with Primodinero support?

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26-04-2007 18:40:51

I put in two manual credit requests and haven't hearanything at all


27-04-2007 17:53:48

I know one of my refs put in a request and was credited about a week later.


29-04-2007 07:11:02

I have one waiting on manual credit right now. It has been a little over a week and still waiting.


09-05-2007 08:11:32

My ref is still waiting on manual credit, been a couple of weeks now!!!


09-05-2007 08:16:51

I finally got it resolved )


09-05-2007 16:11:02

2 of my refs are still waiting on manual credits...it's been a couple of weeks for one and about a week for the other. Do they usually have a problem with crediting? When I did this site, all 5 of the offers I did credited within 45 mins (my fastest green yet!!). Hope they get their credits soon.


10-05-2007 08:47:04

Mine just found out it was denied. Back to square one (