trade module question

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24-04-2007 16:31:57

f I am the one going green, but my TR is higher, can I start the trade and proceed as usual or does the other person need to start the trade?


24-04-2007 16:40:36

to me it has never really mattered who initiates the trade as long as one of you has a TR of +4. Although, I usually like to set up the trade so I include all necessary info (terms of trade). some people will just put "green on xxx site" and i would include things like amount to be paid, when i will be paid, and any time limits on it.


25-04-2007 13:51:18

Hi tinkerjenn!

I'm sure you have seen the guidelines that state the person with the higher TR should go first. Generally speaking though, it is up to the 2 of you and should be worked out prior to either one of you doing anything. Also make sure that the terms are clear in the trade module. (we just went down that road recently lol )

I've only been in the position twice in which I stated I would accept the trade if the other went first. Those were where I was to be paid to green, but had the higher TR. Really covered my behind! I've also had occasion to answer a trade request from a trader with very little or no TR in which I made that statement, and they never got back to me...may have avoided a scam or 2.

Most of the time, I deal with traders that have a higher TR, so it is not in question, but...alway CYA!

Margot 8)