what time is it ?

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24-04-2007 15:19:08

what time is GMT in comparison to EST .. for example I live in Virginia, and it is now about 6.30pm...so what time does this site run by? I do not want to bump my offer list before the 24 hour limit is all


24-04-2007 16:35:55

i live in va also and i have my time set GMT - 4 hours.(GMT minus 4 hours) That makes it right for me!!


24-04-2007 16:38:43

lol...s o b....i never thought of that....the times have been throwin me for a loop for the longest! lol.....it's all fixed now! geeze and i've been on forums for yrs!!


24-04-2007 16:39:25

EST is GMT-5. EDT (Daylight Savings Time, which we're now under) is GMT-4.


24-04-2007 16:40:50

LOL i just went through them one by one....yeah i was bored


24-04-2007 20:37:48

Also ... it doesn't matter what time zone you put, as all times reflect the time zone you specify. The reason for having it synced you your correct time zone, however, is obviously so you have real time posts.

Also, admins ... the time never got changed for daylight savings time. So the correct setting for PST should be GMT-8, but I have had to set it to Mountain Time (GMT-7) in order to be correct.


26-04-2007 14:32:15

That GMT stuff really messes me up too. D


27-04-2007 11:13:18

Don't feel that question was stupid, you can already see how many people didn't know...lol And I used to, but forgot, so I'm another example.

I just really didn't care that much...but have always been curious since starting here, and now I know.


Margot wink


27-04-2007 12:56:31

You can always double click your clock icon in your task bar and click time zone tab and it tells ya.


27-04-2007 13:17:29

the board should just run EST =P


27-04-2007 13:43:32

[quote01733b729f="O4F-Manofice"]the board should just run EST =P[/quote01733b729f]

That would be great for all of us that are in N America, but there are members from other countries also. wink GMT is a standard used around the world if I'm not mistaken.

Margot lol


27-04-2007 22:12:11

[quote235b0bfaed="O4F-Manofice"]the board should just run EST =P[/quote235b0bfaed]

Nah, the board should be run MST. wink

Being in the mountain time zone I'm used to converting times since TV shows never list mountain time nowadays.