how long should money sit in the trade modual

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24-04-2007 14:43:35

I have completed a free site and am in the process of paying all my greens. However, some people have not entered their paypal info into the trade modual. I have emailed them to request such data. How long should I wait to hear back from them?

Is there a way to check last log on date?
I want to see if these people have abandoned post and gave up on this whole thing. From what I see and hear, Alot of newbies give up or lose intrest after a short period of time.


24-04-2007 14:45:48

Well, if there was no timeline stated, then you pretty much have to wait. If you never hear back from them, then I suppose you got those greens for free. If you do hear back from them in like 3 months, however, and there wasn't a time limit, then you will still have to pay them.

The only way to check a log in date would be to PM a mod ... or, you could get a rough idea by looking at when their last post was on this site.

Hope this helps.


24-04-2007 16:33:58

yah, that sounds good.


24-04-2007 16:37:50

mines in there our trade P you can pay me bahaha