How to deal with moving

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23-04-2007 22:47:42

If I have to move suddenly and permanently (to another home), how do I deal with the free sites and that issue? Are they going to disallow me from continuing my work(because of the changed IP)? And will I be barred from joining the others? What should I do?


23-04-2007 23:05:02

Try contacting them and tell them that your moving.


24-04-2007 04:11:20

The only site I have read anything that leads me to believe it would be a problem is 2DollarDeal, which says specifically in their TOS

"If a user moves or changes locations, they may not complete the site
or sign up once again. This is fraud and will result in your account
being placed on hold. "

which I personally think is a little extreme, but I guess it's their choice. I wonder if that means they can't ever complete ANY of the 2DollarDeal sites again, since the network would still have record of your old address???

The rest of the sites, I imagine it would be as simple as opening a support ticket and telling them you are moving.



24-04-2007 05:31:25

I have seen concern over this several times. Is there a way we can start a thread and ask all the site owners to post? I have lived in the same home for the last 33 years and just put it on the market. I sure hope that when I move my freebi carrer is not over. Im sure I will move to a temporary location when my home sells, then a permanate one when all is said and done.


24-04-2007 09:39:03

That's a good idea, asking the site owners to post that is.


24-04-2007 10:39:20

How do we go about it???? I know several folks have asked about this and we really should have somthing to tell besides open a support ticket and ask.


24-04-2007 10:53:14

I'd like to know myself as I really hate VA and am looking to move back to Texas. I started these sites in VA and don't want to get screwed for the other ones once I do move to TX. And opening a support ticket on each of them can be quite cumbersome....I have a lot of sites. / I would recommend finishing up the ones you have refs on and can get done before moving and then when you move, ask the site owners on the sites you have yet to start before proceeding with them. Until another solution can be reached.


24-04-2007 10:57:58

Just put in a support ticket, most site owners will allow you to move and still complete your site. Or, I know ZPT allows you to.


24-04-2007 12:47:22

[quote1d14e82ffa="TryinToGetPaid"][b1d14e82ffa]Just put in a support ticket[/b1d14e82ffa][/quote1d14e82ffa]