Did lucrocash fall down and go boom?

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23-04-2007 19:38:38

I keep getting the search page when I try to go there.

Someone killed the gerbils, didn't they?


23-04-2007 21:19:08

Works for me.

Have you tried clearing your cookies, cache and restarting your browser and then trying it?


24-04-2007 03:40:45

yeah (


24-04-2007 07:59:30

What is the exact message displayed when you try to access the site?


24-04-2007 08:57:35

No error, it just goes to the MSN search page.

It works this morning though!

FBN Abby

24-04-2007 18:03:47

Just went to the link and MSN.com came for me also.

Very weird....


24-04-2007 18:26:04

Works for me. shrug

Might be some DNS issues affecting only some people.