This has probably been asked a million times before but...

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Mutara Nebula

23-04-2007 17:36:45

bear with me...still a newbie.

I've been doing referrals for people making money that way.

But I wanted to try one site and try and make the $100 Pay Pal
prize for myself by getting two people to try the offers.

Here's the question...I'm sure its probably no but...can you be on of the people that tries the offers and thus needing only one extra person as a referral or is that against the rules?


23-04-2007 17:38:44

No you can't be one of you own referrals. You need to complete an offer yourself and then get 2 other referrals.

Mutara Nebula

23-04-2007 17:41:43

I figured as much but I had to ask.

Thanks for the quick answer!


23-04-2007 18:20:12

better to ask before u do it and get on hold then after )


24-04-2007 05:24:20

not sure about other sites but did allow me to do offers and recieve 2 greens that way.