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23-04-2007 14:00:14

[b48e89d6e03][u48e89d6e03]Very Important[/u48e89d6e03]

Always sign up with your legit information on both the freebie sites and the offers.

Never use proxies or dial up internet service such as AOL, Net Zero, People PC, etc.

Never log on to your accounts from public places or a friends computer. (always use your computer at home)

Never sign up to the same site twice or do the same offer twice.

Some networks have mulitple sites such as the CustomOrderThis network.
It is OK to sign up to each site in the network. ie cash.customorderthis or apple.customorder this.[/color48e89d6e03]

[u48e89d6e03]Crediting Tips[/u48e89d6e03]

[u48e89d6e03]After you have signed up to a site, before you complete an offer do the following.[/u48e89d6e03]

1. Log out of the freebie site but dont close the freebie site window

2. Delete all cookies (I open my cookie folder to verify that the cookies have been removed, you might want to do the same.)

3. Delete all temporary internet files online and offline

4. Set privacy to the lowest possible setting ( accept all cookies )

5. Turn OFF pop up blockers

6. Turn off firewall. (I personaly do this however if you don't feel safe doing it then you may skip it.)

7. log back into the freeebie site and complete an offer.

You will need to do this everytime before you complete an offer.
If you start to do an offer then decide not to do it you must repeat the steps before you start another offer.[/color48e89d6e03]

If you have further questions post a reply here and I will update my post with the answer.

Best of Luck to You![/b48e89d6e03]


23-04-2007 19:13:32

Never use proxies or dial up internet service such as AOL, Net Zero, People PC, etc.


Lots of good tips, but this one is not completely true. There are several networks that allow AOL, including Trainn, 123, Officially4Free, and v-bux. I know, because my daughter has AOL dial-up and we checked very carefully to be sure.

When in doubt, read the TOS carefully.



23-04-2007 19:45:55

I am very aware that some sites let you use proxies.

However the majority don't.
People who want to get into this seriously will not be able to survive in the long run with any sort of proxy.

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