How to copy a CD?

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23-04-2007 12:28:03

Ok, i know this will sound retarded, but i have no clue how to copy my cd to my computer. i can import them with itunes, but that's not good enough i have no clue where they end up, and some tracks i cannot import, go figure!

so anyone would be so kind to help me? D


23-04-2007 12:36:25

Use windows media player. It's super easy. Open up the program and click on rip. I would go into the settings and change the format to MP3 first though. I dont' know what version on WMP you have but with the new one it's like super easy there is a little drop down button under rip that you can set it there.


23-04-2007 13:18:13

download a program called "Easy CD-DA Extractor". It has many different audio formats that you can rip your cds in. If you can't find a crack or don't want to shell out the money for one, PM me and I will upload it somewhere.


23-04-2007 13:18:45

Get dbpoweramp. It's the best ripper/encoder out there. It has a lot of codec packs available for it.


23-04-2007 22:42:42

I second stueybaby's post, you can't go wrong with windows media player. You can even set it up to copy songs to your computer automatically when you put in a CD.


24-04-2007 01:26:33

I'll take EAC over Easy CD-DA anyday. ;)

dbpoweramp is indispensable when it come transcoding FLAC to mp3 for your iPod, but EAC is the best ripper I've used.


24-04-2007 05:38:32

Yeah, EAC is definitely the most advanced and accurate ripper if you're an audiophile (or an OiNKophile), but as for my own music library I've always ripped my own CD's with WinAMP5 Pro, encoding to 320K VBR MP3.

Since I recently got my 80GB iPod and have the space now, I've begun ripping new CD's into Apple Lossless format from within iTunes itself. The difference in sound is pretty noticeable... but not enough to re-rip my whole library.


24-04-2007 07:12:44

D ok, thank you! finally worked with the media player, althou itunes on my laptop also worked perfectly

thanks everyone