anyone having troubles with the stop smoking trial

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23-04-2007 10:18:58

fine this sucks then how about that........


23-04-2007 10:30:22

I've heard this ALOT


23-04-2007 10:30:47

First of all, we don't talk about cancelling on this's just not allowed. Second, other people were having problems with this offer. There's a thread about it here http//

Hope you get it all worked out!!



23-04-2007 11:04:39

sorry about the cancelling part but i broke out from the patch so really didnt want to finish trial since apparently im allergic..which im not suppose to be allergic to anything (glad i found my one weakness even though the hard way) clicked the link you brought me too and PMed someone that also had a problem. didnt think it was scammer problem question..was a question just seeing if anyone else was but anyway thanks for the link and i promise i wont say CANCELLED anymore... oops


23-04-2007 11:43:44

I broke out too. My doc said it was the latex in it