Should I wait to clear cookies?

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23-04-2007 09:49:47

Should I wait to clear my cookies after doing an instant offer until the site gives me credit for it? Or can I just go ahead?


23-04-2007 09:57:42

As long as you leave the landing page open for a few minutes, you can go ahead and clear cookies before your next offer. As long as the "tracking" file downloaded on the landing page, you should get your credit. )


24-04-2007 05:38:45

If you are doing more than 1 offer to get a full credit on a site you shouldent have to clear your cookies between offers. Only if you leave the site and go back to it. Then you want to clear your cookies before going to the site a second time. I really had hell with 2dollardeals over this till we figured out I was doing an offer clearing cookies and doing the second one.


24-04-2007 05:59:10

If I am doing multiple offers, even on the same site, what I do is this

After the first offer, I wait 15 or 20 minutes (unless I have already seen it go green), then I close out the site, and on the trades page, clear my cookies. Then I use the link to return to the site again and do the new offer, and repeat as necessary.

Works for me anyway.



24-04-2007 06:36:56

Thats exacally the way to do it.