Do I need referrals???

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22-04-2007 22:02:41

When I go into sites to earn credits for a trade, the first part is always to choose what gift I want to earn and how many referrals I need to earn it, then I sign in and go to the 'offers' section to earn the credit.

I was wondering if I HAVE to do the referrals or is it more of an optional thing if I want to earn the gift. I tried to read the terms & conditions, but it wasn't clear.

Thanks for your help.


22-04-2007 22:06:28

It's optional. You can just sign up, but it's MUCH more profitable after a while to get the referrals and complete the sites for cash. It's just all-around a wonderful thing. But to answer your question, no, the referrals are optional..but recommended... )


22-04-2007 22:07:20

Some sites are DIY (Do It Yourself), but some are referral based. No matter what, though, you almost always have to do an offer yourself. Or, you can get an extra referral instead of doing an offer if you talk to the site owner.

If it tells you how many referrals you need for a gift, then you need that many refs. Hope this helps.

When in doubt, ask the site owner in a support ticket what you need to do to earn your gift.


25-04-2007 16:14:14

Referrals are OPTIONAL. You can signup and do offers on sites WITHOUT worrying about referrals. If you decide you would like to earn the gift (or a different gift) on the site, you would THEN need to get referrals.

It's entirely up to you - there are plenty of sites you can complete without trying to get referrals.

Hope this helps!