Anybody get one of these, or know who this is?

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22-04-2007 19:58:34

This is deff one of those things that makes you go HUM????

From c.bomb
To Margot530
Posted Sat Apr 21, 2007 922 pm
Subject Quick question
I was reading the post about multiple gifts on a site and saw your comment

'I do know that ordergiftsfree, is one that you can do over and over. It also allows you to use a referral as a substitute for completing an offer yourself. I've just started working with them, and they are awesome! "

I've been trading for a little while over at A4F and have recieved quite a few prizes, in doing so I have ALOT of friends and aquaintances asking me how to do it and whatnot,

SO to the point of this pm I have decided to create a simple guide for them to follow instead of having to re-explain it over and over, and what I am trying to do is find quality traders that I can recommend in my little guide. Now the fact that ordergiftsfree has the option of multiple prizes would you allow me to include you in the guide as a recommended trader and encourage them to green for you for $25 at that site? They will obviously be newbies so if this works out what kind of time frame could you promise payment by? Let me know if your interested and I'll start sending you LOTS of referrals!

And my reply....

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From Margot530
To c.bomb
Posted Sat Apr 21, 2007 1014 pm
Subject Re Quick question

I'll say nice to meet you, but don't know your name wink

I'm sure you can tell that I love to help people out, so sure I'd be happy to help with a guide or as a referred person to ask questions.

However, I am not paying 25 for that site at this time...I pay 18 on green plus a 4 dollar bonus on approval, and you know that's fast, as they approve and pay the same day. For those with 0-4 tr I pay 15 on green or 22 on approval, and they choose the option. With new folks, this is all a big trying to cover myself as much as possible.

Are there people that know you well here on fipg? If so, let me know who they are, and I'll chat with them and mull this over.

Anyway, let me know who I can contact, and I'll get back to you.



If life is the pits, I want my cherry back! LOL

Love working with new people, no question is "dumb."

Lots of sites, come and get them!

Never heard one word back, so does anyone else think this screams SCAM???

Might want to watch out for what seems to be a wolf in sheeps clothing!

Do hope I'm wrong though wink


22-04-2007 20:07:02

Yeah this sounds like it could easily be someone just preparing you for a swarm of "new people" which, in reality, would probably just be that one person over and over again. Hmm. Definitely strange. If it's legit, then awesome for you!! ) Hope it works out!


22-04-2007 20:14:30

Yep I got a pm like that too...didn't know what to think

said i can pay instantly after approval D


22-04-2007 21:17:41

[quote8fe15ab8cf="condra"]Yep I got a pm like that too...didn't know what to think

said i can pay instantly after approval D[/quote8fe15ab8cf]

And I bet you never heard back...not even a thank you

If any others have gotten these types of pm's, with the same result...I will probably put this over to the scammers section, as a warning. It's unfortunate, but their are some nice, but gullable folks out there that this kind of thing could really hurt. x



23-04-2007 04:34:45

same here. Told them I would pay on approval only. No word yet.