Are they the same offers?

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22-04-2007 03:23:22

valuemax,Passport To Fun,at home rewards...
Are they the same offers?

Big War Bird

22-04-2007 04:52:32

No, they from the same company but you can do each one.


22-04-2007 17:37:51

I'd be careful doing them all on the site because sometimes there not all credited.


22-04-2007 18:44:45

you have to be careful because at home rewards has 4 or 5 different "offers" that are all actually the same thing.

Athomerewards - Linen's N Things
Athomerewards - Home Depot

to name a couple


22-04-2007 19:50:49

Thank u for ur kindness.I would care about them