Need Help in Trade module

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21-04-2007 17:55:07

I keep getting an error when I try to enter my paypal info... and now I can't set up a trade... ideas?


21-04-2007 18:15:30

Yes. One simple solution is to download/use Firefox. This seems to solve a lot of the problems.

Or, you can try lowering your IE security level ... read here...

There is a problem with IE7, which gives a lot of users this problem. I personally recommend using Firefox, at least where the trade module is concerned.


22-04-2007 05:02:16

I can't initate a trade at all. It keeps saying 'failure' ?

Is it because I need firefox too??? I'm using IE7


22-04-2007 08:39:17

As the bunny said just lower you security settings and you should be alright. then just make FIPG a trusted site.