Blockbuster Charges

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21-04-2007 17:07:50

I completed the blockbuster online offer and I thought that it was just going to cost me 9.99$ for my fist month and the normal subscription fee for the rest of the time I have it. But I just checked my bank information and I see that blockbuster has charged me twice, a 10.40$ charge that went through and they have a hold of 9.99$. I love the service ( just went to my local blockbuster to pick up a membership so I can exchange them their ). I was just wondering if they are going to charge me 20.39$ for the first month or will it be 9.99? Any help would be appreciated.


21-04-2007 17:14:47

It will come to $10.87 for the first month. Don't be too worried about the other pending charge unless it goes through, which it shouldn't.


21-04-2007 17:19:54

Thanks, I was scared for a moment about the charges D


21-04-2007 21:13:31

Nah. the hold is just them verifying that you have money available. It's all good )

They have Shogun. All of it. I'm a happy girl )


21-04-2007 23:43:52

You'll find that there are a lot of different sponsors that will do authorizations only. Sometimes they say so in the terms of service, but sometimes they don't.


23-04-2007 07:18:54

Thanks for this thread. Blockbuster has sent me several emails asking me to update my payment info and I was confused since they already hit my card for the 9.99. Now I understand...

P.S. Netflix is WAYYY better!