w9 and 1099 questions

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20-04-2007 16:31:56

hello ).. i was wondering about the w9 and 1099 deals.. if i complete the different monster sites for over 600 do i have to do a w9.. and forgive me my ignorance oops but exactly what the hell IS a w9.. as for the 1099 i know pretty much what they are.. so i guess since i am goin for more than 600 dollars for earnings for referrals here i will have to fill one out i guess.. anyone who can help answer this question i would much appreciate it )

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20-04-2007 19:06:43

I know I should point you to the 4,328,952 topics we already have on this subject, but what the hell...

The W9 is the official taxpayer identification form that you fill out in order to get a 1099 at taxtime. It's just your name, address, and tax ID (SSN for individuals), and whether you're exempt from backup withholding.

I'm not familiar with the Monster sites, but typically, if you received over $600 from a single network or site, then yes you'll have to complete a W9. Some sites wait until your total payouts exceeds $600, others get a W9 up front even for a small prize on the assumption that you might get more payouts later in the same year.


20-04-2007 19:08:05

well for monster sites, you can get up to 599 from each site without a w9



20-04-2007 19:21:34

[quote0130e825d0="condra"]well for monster sites, you can get up to 599 from each site without a w9

Legally, I'm pretty sure if multiple sites are under a single business entity (i.e. network) then the $600 threshold is cumulative across all sites, not per site.


20-04-2007 19:45:19

thanx dmorris ).. yeah i shoulda searched before i posted.. sorry oops but i appreciate the help thank you

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Big War Bird

20-04-2007 20:21:57

Some networks sites however operate as separate companies, so won't have to give a w9 so long as you payout per site is less than $600.


20-04-2007 21:04:49

well i know I asked the site and they said so...

and trainn is working like that too

sandra habina

11-05-2007 12:07:12

bump good info