Does sell your adress?

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20-04-2007 14:15:11

Will, or it's affiliates, sell or give away your address to any other company so that they can send you junk in your mail? I'm trying to convince my parents to sign up for me, (under eighteen) and this is an issue for them. Any reply is appreciated. D


20-04-2007 14:17:53


However, do you live with your parents? If you do, then they can't sign up for you, as it would appear you have multiple accounts with the site (due to IP flagging).


20-04-2007 14:20:29

Thanks, also by them signing up for me, I mean just one of them signing up once under their name. Is that not allowed?


20-04-2007 14:22:37

Example You have an account on They sign up under you, but you live with them. Both your account and their account will have the same IP, so both accounts will get placed on hold.

So, if you live with your parents, then they will not be able to sign up for any site you are already signed up for, and vice versa.


20-04-2007 14:24:19

Oh I won't sign up for it though. P

+Karma too. )


20-04-2007 14:26:43

Oh, you aren't asking them to be your referral ... you want them to do the site (for whatever reason).

In that case (since there will only be 1 account at your IP), you will be fine. And freebie sites keep information private, so there shouldn't be any spam.


20-04-2007 14:27:28

All right. Sweet! Thanks a ton.


20-04-2007 14:27:45

No problem.


20-04-2007 16:22:31

Remember that the freebi sites dont control the offers. You will get spam from them.


20-04-2007 16:25:34

[quote65a5034249="gator1002"]Remember that the freebi sites dont control the offers. You will get spam from them.[/quote65a5034249]What offers send spam? I haven't received any spam from the offers I've done ... I suppose it is always a possibility for it though, ralphbananas.

Unless you talk to the site owner about getting another ref instead of doing an offer. Then you eliminate that possibility. )


20-04-2007 17:07:28

not sure whitch ones. I used to never get spam, After starting this I get over 500 a day. So pretty sure its alot of them


20-04-2007 17:11:54

[quoteb5d8ec5d8d="gator1002"]not sure whitch ones. I used to never get spam, After starting this I get over 500 a day. So pretty sure its alot of them[/quoteb5d8ec5d8d]shrug Dunno. Sorry to hear that...does your junk filter stop it, though?

Idea for new people worried about SPAM Create a free account at Yahoo or Hotmail or Gmail, etc, and use it for your freebies and offers and such. That way, if there is spam, it won't matter because it is only for offers and stuff anyway.

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21-04-2007 23:48:23

By law they have to tell you via the terms of service or some kind of privacy statement how they will use your information. And you will see places that say they will use / sell your information to others. That way it's truly not spam since technically you agreed to it.

I used to never get telemarketers, now I'm getting them almost daily. It's worth it though and it will go away.


22-04-2007 09:56:48

Here's a part from the privacy policy

[quote2227b8b54f] Information collected is used solely for the purposes of shipping out gifts, contacting members, and detecting user fraud. Information may be shared with third parties to assist with any of these indicated purposes. [/quote2227b8b54f]

The one thing I'm not sure about is the "contacting members" part. ?


22-04-2007 13:07:22

If they have questions about your account, of they can't get something because there is a long wait period, etc, then they will contact you ... most likely with an email or phone call.


23-04-2007 05:11:28

Thanks, once again you've cleared that up. )