manual credit time lines?

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20-04-2007 13:03:20

Soooo yeah how long does it take for manual credits to go through?? Ive been waiting on 3 referrels to go through. They have all sent for manual with the cover letter thing. And we have been waiting about a week. Two weeks since they have gone yellow. Starting to get antsy. Patience is not a my strong point.

Are all sites this slow? lol


20-04-2007 13:06:04

Patience is a virtue...the sites generally have no control over it, as they send the letters to the affiliates.

What site is it? Trainn sites are pretty good, but Free4me take quite a while, for example.


20-04-2007 13:08:56

Patience is NOT a virtue! shock LOL but yeah the site is and


20-04-2007 13:12:18

I would say, and you won't like this, that they are going to be waiting a little while longer. As long as they submitted support tickets with the full headers on the confirmation emails, then there is nothing more to do but wait it out.

Like I said before, it all depends on the affiliates; the sites themselves have no control over that process. With any luck, though, they should get their answer early next week.


20-04-2007 13:13:43

well thanks for answering so quickly! atleast your quick...hehe ) so now i will just go cry in the corner and wait...........


20-04-2007 13:15:15

I'm quick to answer .... but then again, I am not support for any freebie site (or FiPG). Lol.

Hope you get the greens soon, though, even though you don't like waiting. )


21-04-2007 23:55:21

It depends on the sponsor and the affiliate. Some for me has been within a week, but I've been waiting almost 4 weeks for my video professor to credit. It's still listed as pending so it hasn't been rejected.