Is it best to be refer'd or start own site?

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20-04-2007 07:52:05

Just curious, ive looked in this help and others but didnt see anything pertaing to my question.

Is it best to be refer'd to a site or in the case of new sites poping up or i found a site on my own, start my own site?

Also when u answer can u explain why and the diff between the 2? thanks D


20-04-2007 07:55:59

Some sites give you a free green if you go in unreferred, some don't

The ones that don't are nice for making a llittle more cash upfront )


20-04-2007 08:53:04

Well. It depends in what you are wanting to do and by the looks of it, your wanting to green for other people and get paid for doing it. That being your goal, you would never want to go in unreferred if you do, you won't get paid. You get paid by following a link to a site and signing up under that link, completing the required number of offers and having those offers actually credit on the site. That link is the referral i.d. and it's the only way your trading partner will receive credit for your green. You won't ever get paid just for signing up or for being partially green. Green is the only thing that matters to anyone since it's the only thing that is being bought and sold. Going in unreferred works well when you no longer want to work for someone else, but want to work for yourself, meaning you are going after the prize money yourself and you will need to buy your own greens. The problem with that is you have to be green on the site that you want to work so you might as well sell your green to someone and make a little money for it. I hope that I answered this sufficiently for you.


20-04-2007 08:53:37

When you sign up unreferred, you are basically wasting the money you could earn by signing up under someone, since it will count towards their # of referrals. However, when you sign up unreferred (start your own "site"), nobody gets credit for a referral, only [ic9db204d2a]you[/ic9db204d2a] get credit for doing an offer. And as Jenn said, some sites have promotions where they will give you automatic money, free referral credit, etc. for signing up unreferred. It's your decision whether to find someone to sign up under in the Trading Post, or start your own site during a promotion to make the most profit.


20-04-2007 12:21:25

I check the trade forums first, to see if anyone needs refs for a site before I sign-up, you never know you might get a trade, and help the community at the same time. )

sandra habina

20-04-2007 13:03:13

Good information shared. Thankyou
I would scout the trading post and also check into the sites you are interested in doing, and see if they are running the free credit offer promo. You can also ask traders that are working those sites, and they could tell you if the promo is on.


20-04-2007 13:24:03

I have a question very related........ what if I want to start a site but have completed every offer on the site already. When you go unreffered, do you still have to do an offer....? I'm sure the answer is on the site in question but this is much easier..... thanks in advance


20-04-2007 13:24:47

What site? Most sites allow you to get another referral instead of doing an offer.


20-04-2007 14:08:26

never sign up for a site without getting paid. then u can start the site urself


20-04-2007 16:59:15

best way in my opinion is to green for others first.. this gets you paypal AND tr built up.... if you start yer own site first and come in and post that you are paying for a ref and have a 0TR you will have one helluva time finding refs.. greening first for others gets you TR and trust as well as bankroll for future endeavors i.e. yer own sites.. greenin for others ALSO GETS you sites to work on for yourself in the future.. thats where the real money is made.. in the meantime you CAN get some of yer own sites thru free credit promos.. but all in all greenin first is the best way to start.. i have recently completed MY first site D and am almost done with my second.. once you go green the first time and get paid you will become addicted like myself and im sure most of the others here ;).. there is PLENTY of work out there for you... only thing is there are limited offers and you can only do an offer ONE time never twice or it is considered fraud.. as you will find out you start to run out of offers to do pretty quickly and will have no alternative but to start on the sites you have acquired.. you will see it will be harder and or more costly to green for other users for what they are offering for the green and trading refs is a good way to go as well.. but i think myself buying them is quickest.. anyho.. i think im starting to ramble a bit ;).. so i hope this answered yer question for you and maybe some other newbies who were kinda wondering the same thing.. so just relax and have fun with this.. always remember to clear yer cookies and be a productive and helpful trader to everyone you work with.. oh yeah.. happy trading too D



21-04-2007 05:04:21

Great advice everyone....

At first I regretted going green for others when I began, and wished I had traded green for green to build TR and get my own sites going quickly, but I needed the money. I made some rookie mistakes that burned up my offers, and found myself stuck.

But I did have enough TR, and some paypal, to work on one site, and it worked wonderfully!

Now, I have found that many sites have added more offers, and some great new sites have popped up, so am able to do my own sites, and green for others at the same time.

I have taken it slow on purpose, and learned a lot in the process. One thing for sure, if you can go green for others, you will build your TR fast, as so many traders NEED you. And you will be more successful with completing your own sites by having your TR reflecting on you as an established trader.

Much Success!

Margot 8)