crediting of TR

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19-04-2007 12:46:19

I am trying to enter TR for my completed transaction. Under trades, I click request TR and a screen comes up saying that when I click okay I will get a dialogue box. I click okay and then nothing appears. Now what? I want to leave some Awesome feedback.


19-04-2007 12:50:24

when that box appears is when you type the feedback for the person you traded with, and also it takes a lil but for the TR to credit wink


19-04-2007 12:52:57

Some people with this problem get it resolved simply by installing and using Firefox. If you're using IE, that's probably the reason the feedback box isn't showing. Firefox is a better, safer browser anyways. Hope this helps!!


19-04-2007 13:05:37

Or a better tip that involves not downloading and installing anything. Just simply change your IE settings.

Easiest one, make sure pop up blockers are turned off.

Still doesn't work, change your security settings.
li(Tools, internet settings, security and then lower the bar)


19-04-2007 13:09:10

This hasn't been mentioned yet, but also, you only get TR credited when both people have requested TR. Just another little thing to keep in mind...


19-04-2007 14:49:40

But hes not getting the pop up box just go here