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18-04-2007 19:20:19

I am trying to follow the guidelines for ensuring I get credit for my offers from steps 1-7 posted by TWG. He states that after you click on to the OFFER section of a freebie site,, to check your cookies folder and make sure only the index is in there. My question is this If I get to this spot by clicking the LINK from a trade that was set up, doesn't that delete the thread that was created to let the freebie site know who the referral is suppose to go to? Will this mess up the credit process? How does the trader looking for greens get the credit? I hope this makes sense and someone can answer this soon. Shoot me your phone # and I will call you on mu nickle to get clarification. HELP! Thanks, Jerry


18-04-2007 19:25:46

well, once you click a trader's link and register right away under him, you're permanently linked to his account. so then you can log in and out of the site, it doesn't matter any more. and you can clean cookies

hope this helps


18-04-2007 19:53:11

Hi there Jerry!

I completely understand what you are asking. If done improperly, it will cause cookies to be added out of nowhere, and interfere with regards to where you originated from, cause credit issues and just cause a huge mess. You are permenetly linked to your referral however.

This is what I do, and I rarely have a problem.

1. Click on link and sign up under your referrals number.

2. Check out the offers your interested in, including all TOS, and decide which offer or offers you are going to do. Take note of them, as you can get easily confused.

3. Log out, returning to your trade module.

4. Clear cookies, clear files, then view files to make sure that all but the top cookie is gone...if not, delete them one at a time, till you reach the top one.

5. Click on the link again, log in, and go to the offer page, wait for it to fully load.

6. Go straight to the first offer you chose, and fill it all out, waiting for each page to load will have 2-3 pages to complete. Don't do anything extra like looking at TOS again, or clicking the back button.

7. Make sure the "thank you," "confirmation" page loads completely, and even give it a few seconds before you exit.

8. If doing another offer, log out and follow steps 3-7 again.

My own personal experience with clearing the cookies after clicking the link, hasn't been good, and my reasoning is the same as yours. These steps will all become second nature. If you do happen to hit the back button or notice you may have input incorrect info at the last second, just return to the trade module and clear everything out again.

Others will have their own opinion, and you should try to find what works best for you...that's what I did. Good luck, and much success here!

I sure hope this helps you! D

Margot 8)


22-04-2007 00:06:24

I do what Margot530 says. One thing to check also is your privacy settings. Set it so your browser accepts all cookies no matter where they are from. Default settings block "tracking cookies" which is bad for us because we need those to go through.