Askmehowtoearnextraincome is on hold for my site

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18-04-2007 14:04:16

I recently paid someone by the name of askmehowtoearnextraincome. He went green for me on I paid him as soon as he greened. The next couple of days I checked my status on the site, and he was placed on hold. I pmed him letting himknow he needed to refund me my money for the amount of $15 if he can't get the matter resolved from the site. He never responded back. I pmed him again indicating that I am going to report him if he don't refund my money. He never responded back. The problem I'm having is I can't pm anyone. I didn't pm anyone who didn't wanted to be pmed. I don't understand the situation. How would I go about getting money refund back fom thiis person? If they don't refund me back, will they be banned? How long would I have to wait to start pming my referrals to get their paypal address to pay them? I am so confused at this time. I am only fair and I don't want to keep anyone waiting to pay them. They're pming me about payment, but I can't pm them back. Please help.


18-04-2007 19:05:45

can u pm a mod?
i will report this so someone sees it


19-04-2007 05:13:15

This thread will explain your inability to PM


As for your problem with the trader who is not responding, the moderators can require him to refund you IF he is still here - if not, there is probably nothing you can do. Try the email he signed up with.



22-04-2007 00:00:51

Take a look in the scammers forum. There is good info there. It's possible if he/she is a known scammer that others have posted about him specifically. If you you can always ask there.

You might have their email through the site you referred them to. You can try that. Also a little patience can sometimes help.

Oh and it looks like you did pm people who didn't want to be pmed.