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18-04-2007 08:25:37

I've already signed up on the site, completed my offer and gotten paid, although when i go to sign in again, it says invalid e-mail. And when i go into trades and click the link which was sent to me, it says the referral ID is invalid. Do i need to sign up again?


18-04-2007 08:37:26

they have been having site issues since the weekend. It's not you )


18-04-2007 11:31:22

Yeah - I've been unable to login too and at first I thought it was me, but then I found out they're updating or something. I wish they'd hurry up, though - I'm waiting on a manual credit...


18-04-2007 11:34:12



18-04-2007 16:05:39

the site is back up