Making a trade

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18-04-2007 06:14:25

Hi there, I have never had this problem in other forums but I am really confused on this one. I was talking with someone and we agreed on a trade. I went to set it up and it told me that I couldn't because neither one of us has a TR of 4 or higher. It wouldn't let me make the trade agreement. I went into the person;s profile and clicked on initiate a trade with this member, a box popped up and I wrote the trade in there and hit the button and that is when I got the error. Am I doing something wrong or are we just not allowed to trade through there until our TR is up?


18-04-2007 06:18:59

i know it wasn't recommended to trade with someone with a tr of less than 4. And that you will not get credit. But i've never heard of it saying that you can't trade because of that. Are you sure that's what is says? Or does it come up with the "Trade Failed. This can happen. . ."

If that is the case,
in you internet settings you need to change the security
In Internet Explorer Click tools, internet options, security, and lower the security bar and that should help.


18-04-2007 06:46:35

Nope, it didn't say it failed, it said trade refused because one of us needed to have at least a TR of 4 or better


18-04-2007 08:37:20

Interesting. Perhaps a new feature?


18-04-2007 18:47:26

I have heard this over and over lately and I think it is a new feature. None of us that are over 4 would have experienced it, and thus would not have realized when it was started.