This is for my referrals

Live forum:


17-04-2007 19:14:23

This is for anyone who was a referral for me on nanoipod,,, and If you haven't left your paypal email address in the trade module please do so now, or you can leave it on this thread. Somehow I can't send private messages to you guys to get your paypal address. I am paying out on these sites Saturday, so please let your paypal email address.


17-04-2007 20:23:53

It's because you were spamming people.


18-04-2007 13:46:30

I don't understand how I was spamming people. I only reponded to people who wanted to be responded to.


18-04-2007 13:50:59

a good idea would be to try emailing everyone who is green for u using the emails that they signed up with
that might work, some may not respond...


18-04-2007 13:51:12

maybe a mod can PM them all for u