Which v-bux offers to do?

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GetStuff4Free Admin

17-04-2007 14:45:33

Hello everyone,

I just signed up for this v-bux site and I just want to know which offers are good to do? Which ones do you recommend me doing? Because I don't want to be charged mothly and etc...

Thank you all,


Big War Bird

17-04-2007 15:13:34

Really you need to figure that out for yourself. One of the best things you can do for yourself is to take the time to look at the offers. You will learn alot about how offers work.

GetStuff4Free Admin

17-04-2007 15:26:48

I know but I dont have the time to read all of them... I just need to know the good ones to do fast. Because I have a trade setup, I have to finish it as soon as possible.


17-04-2007 15:54:52

well, i have not done vbux. this type of advice borders on a walk thru. some offers that i have loved in the past are
credit card offers (take a while to credit)
bmg/columbia house - i love cheap cds/dvds - takes a while to credit

i dont know what offers are out there. the bottom line is pick an offer that is cheap, gives u a fair percentage of full credit, and that u are interested in


17-04-2007 16:17:28

Not sure if they're on v-bux or not, but offers I have really liked include

Ashley & Cooper coffee
Cafe Belmondo coffee
Essential Living weightloss
Get Rich with Google (also called Googads I think)
Time Life Love Songs (great CD!!)
Critic's Choice Entertainment


GetStuff4Free Admin

17-04-2007 16:34:42

Thans for your answers and is it better to use the visa gift card ?


17-04-2007 16:57:36

It can go either way. I personally use my PayPal debit card, not backed with any other source, and only keep enough in my PayPal to cover the offers I am doing.

My daughter uses a prepaid VISA gift card and has only run into a couple of offers that wouldn't take it, so that should work also.

The big mistake is using a debit card connected to your bank account - that can mess you up big time.


GetStuff4Free Admin

17-04-2007 17:15:26

Thank you for the info Laurel. I decided to get a $25 gift card and use it. Because if they charge me extra money they won't be able to get it from my gift card.


17-04-2007 17:18:34

Glad I could help. (Karma would be much appriciated).


GetStuff4Free Admin

17-04-2007 17:53:06

You got it Laurel ;)