Does anyone have info on this site?

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17-04-2007 10:56:32

Does anyone know anything about roundtriptickets4free ? I received a spam in my email advertising this site and I'm curious...[/color24f2e7b5f0]


17-04-2007 11:27:57

It's Ideal. It will cost you 10 Offers.

See the "DIY" section for more info on this company.


17-04-2007 11:35:51

Thank you -)


17-04-2007 11:47:03

Worth it these days, with the cost of airline tickets going through the roof and the service plummeting to all time lows. I love the free market economy!


17-04-2007 11:53:23

I've noticed some flights are getting to about 400 bucks ONE WAY, it's getting ridiculous


17-04-2007 12:01:40

Try flying 2 minor children from L.A. to Florida !! At Christmas !!!!!
THAT'S why that spam caught my eye!
But 10 offers... I don't know if I have that many left available to me...


17-04-2007 12:04:45

I have over 100,000 miles on on Delta skymiles account and am trying to use them for a business trip to Japan this summer. This normally would have been enough miles and then some, all of the sudden they are asking 135,00 miles just to get to Japan! Crazy idiots!


17-04-2007 12:12:18

I just looked at the FAQ on DIY sites. I think it would be cheaper and easier to just buy the tickets!!


17-04-2007 22:10:13

You might be better off referring people for cash. 2dollardeal goes up to $600 for 12 referrals but pays $100 for only 3.