?? for a Moderator or Admin.

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16-04-2007 22:34:50

I am currently not able to send a pm out. I would appreciate one of you letting me know the reason(s). If I have unintentionally violated a rule that has caused this, please let know so I can correct it. I have refs that I need to contact to get payment info. so I can complete our trades. Thanks very much!


16-04-2007 22:52:08



16-04-2007 23:04:45

Thanks for link. I still don't know what I've done to spamm...


17-04-2007 07:50:29

I've read the other thread, and I believe that your error was an honest mistake. The problem is that the PMs you received when you signed up were spam and should not have been sent.

Unless someone has posted somewhere that they are interested in something (doing sites for $$, trading green for green, etc) then it is spam to send a PM.

If they have a post that they are interested, then it is NOT spam and is ok. But if you see someone post that they are interested in xxx - then you should still only PM them once. If they do not answer, they are not interested.

Hope this helps to clear things up. Feel free to PM me if you have questions (related to this or not, doesn't matter).


PS I love your avatar !!


17-04-2007 08:48:19

Thanks for all the above! I didn't mean to spam anyone. I do usually send a pm to some newbies, usually just asking if they need any help getting started or have any questions. I simply do this because when I first started it was difficult to desipher all the info. and I have 2 BS degrees and a masters. Fortunately, theysayjump took me under his wing and walked me through.

I know it may be a "slap in the face" for someone who is an experienced trader from another site to get a pm offering help, but reality is that most people who sign up have no idea what to do, even after reading all the post for newbies.

it would help if their were some place inthe profile to indicate confirmed trades from other sites by users. Then we would know the experience level of users even if they are new to this site.

When I can pm again I definitely contact you. Thank you for your help and support!


17-04-2007 11:37:04

And just to clarify when we refer to PM spam as being unsolicited, we're generally talking about trading or selling. Anything where you stand to gain something without the other person expressing a specific interest in what you're offering.

Obviously we don't consider it PM spam to just communicate with another member privately, provided of course you aren't bothering folks.

Just wanted to clarify in case we have any literalists who'll be quick to point out that somebody "spammed" them to ask a question unrelated to offering a trade.


17-04-2007 14:18:09

I appreciate the clarification. I'll be sure to watch initial pm's more closely in the future. I do apologize to you, the other mod/admin, and anyone I might have bothered and/or offended prior to being aware of this information. I sincerely didn't mean to spam anyone. I'd appreciate it, if you would reconsidered openning my pm. I truly need to contact some refs for paypal info so I can pay them. Thank you for time and understanding.