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16-04-2007 19:02:14

Is anyone else having trouble getting hit with continual charges after you cancel or getting told that you signed up for something that when you tried you were told that transaction didn't go through? I currently have almost $200 dollars charged to my CC from the [u9ded447b63][b9ded447b63]same company [/b9ded447b63][/u9ded447b63]but for different sites and to make things worse it took me almost 3 hours to get in contact with someone. After I FINALLY got through and was told that a refund would be coming in 10 days I was hit with another $70 in charges.
I'm afraid to continue doing any transactions because I'm going broke just trying to keep on top of all the charges that are hitting my account. I'm sure that I have cancelled everything before the Trial dates ended. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated.



16-04-2007 19:07:44

i suggest you call your cc company first thing tomorrow and tell them you didn't authorize those charges. they will probably be able to fight them for you...


17-04-2007 06:11:23

A lot of the offers have offers within the offers. You have to be very carful about what you click on. Always read the tos to be sure your not signing up for more than your wanting.


17-04-2007 06:16:00

I got charge 4 times by GMoney in a week at $49.99 a pop. I cancelled, they sent confirmation, and proceeded to charge me again. I call, they say there's only one charge. So, I call my bank and they called GMoney and told them exactly how many charges they made and gave them proof that it wasn't "pending".

I not only got all the charges reversed, but they gave me $100 extra for my trouble.


17-04-2007 07:33:38

Theres to much talk about cancellation in here. If any talk of cancellation is seen...offers will get more strict. Dispute the charges with you CC company and be careful what offers you do.


17-04-2007 22:14:10

There are also times when you need to return a product, even for some trials. If you don't return the product then they will charge you for it even if you indicated that you don't want it any more.

Once again, read and understand the terms of service. Also be interested in your offers.