Help with dvdrecorders4free. What does this mean?

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16-04-2007 12:32:42

Ive been debating whether or not to switch to a referral account and it says this

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16-04-2007 12:34:45

well, it means that if you did offers on the points, any points you did will only count as your offer completion, and no as refs, as they can't ''transform it'' into .5 refs

) hope this helps. and you can always post this in the trainn forum


16-04-2007 12:40:45

Ok. Was hoping it was going to give me the ability to cash out for my reward.



17-04-2007 22:20:55

No. You can go from referral to points and get 50 points per referral, but going to referrals from points doesn't give you anything. I wish the opposite was true - a referral for every 50 points (or even 100), but its not.