IE 7.0 help?

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16-04-2007 10:57:53

where is the info on how to get this fixed, etc.

I can't find any and got a newbie with problems


16-04-2007 19:03:36

Can you describe the problem a little more thoroughly? It would be easier to address the problem ... but here are a few thoughts
Possible Solution
Get Firefox


16-04-2007 20:00:40

Even thought your question is a little haze to me i think i know what the problem may be. there is a service pack 2 up date for internet explorer 7, go get that, it takes about 20 minutes. Next, delete all cookies, internet temp files, & clear history. once you've done this go to your MENU BAR select TOOLS then INTERNET OPTIONS. From there pick the SECURITY tab. Make sure the internet option is selected and lower the bar to MEDIUM. Also, make sure your pop-up blocker is turned off.
For more info look under 'Forum Index' -> 'Help!' -> 'Newbie with ???'
Hope this helps !


16-04-2007 20:51:42

Yep- thanks guys! There was a thread in here awhile back on what to do with IE7.0, etc. Thanks for the replies........