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16-04-2007 10:04:47

I'm a little slow on the uptake sometimes. Even though I read it sometimes I need confirmation to make sure I understand it.

li Unless someone really wants what is offered they are cancelling before they are charged past the trial offer yes?

li Once cancelled does it affect green status at the site?

liIf you try something ex. weightloss pill and cancel autoship / trial and decide to try it again later (month or 2 down the road) is this okay? or never okay? Does it affect green?

I just want to make sure I a don't mess anything or anyone up.

(new and nervous) ?


16-04-2007 10:07:12

We don't talk about cancellation of offers here, and no it's not ok to do an offer again, even if you want to do it.

Edit Although if you like a pill so much I'm sure you can just order more pills through the website. But can not through an offer here.


16-04-2007 10:21:34

I sent you a PM answering your questions since they don't like us talking about it on the boards.

Don't worry -- it has no sales pitch and no links.