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15-04-2007 21:28:14

I finally signed up for a v-bux site,but I used the promotion offer and did not complete any offers. In fact I cannot even get to an offer page. I would like to know how many offers does each of my referral have to do. I see that the traders with v-bux sites are paying 40 - 50$. Why so high? How many offers or are they really difficult offers to do? I would like to see some of the offers that my referral will need to do, can someone send me an offer link?


15-04-2007 22:04:38

users pay more for V-bux sites because they generally require more offers than the norm ($40/ref) for a full credit
this shouldn't be a problem as v-bux sites payout very well ($80/ref for the bose site)

Big War Bird

16-04-2007 03:49:30

Dell and Sony V.Bux are worth $100 a referral but the sponsor offers count for lower percentages than on the others sites.


16-04-2007 07:27:25

I knew I would get my answers here.
1 last question? Do all the offers stay the same for all of my referrals or do they change as I get closer to my referral completion?

Thanks so much for the help guys!


16-04-2007 07:38:18

they always stay the same.
only shady networks like offercentric do that